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Mescaline: Specs & Technical Details

Level of Risk Very low
Street Names Buttons, cactus, peyote, San Pedro, Huachuma, Peruvian torch
Most Common Side-Effects Stomach discomfort
Duration of Effects 10 – 12 hours
Legality Illegal (Religious Exceptions)


Mescaline Powder is a highly underrated psychedelic. The mescaline experience isn’t going to inject you into other dimensions like ayahuasca or DMT, and it’s unlikely to give you deep insights into the human condition — but it does have the tendency to show you that after all is said and done… life, in its essence, is good.

This interesting psychedelic has a lot of overlap with LSD and psilocybin — but is much more social. Instead of making you feel isolated and introverted, it brings a sense of confidence and extroversion.

Mescaline brings a sense of energy and euphoria, expands your sense of empathy with the world around you, and makes you want to talk with friends or go exploring.

What is Mescaline Powder?

Firstly, Mescaline (3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine) is a naturally occurring psychedelic found in several species of cacti — all of which are native to North America.

The effects of mescaline powder are very comparable to LSD or magic mushrooms but with some subtle differences. The main difference is the sociability aspect of mescaline — it tends to make people more confident, energetic, and talkative.

Despite having strong cartoon-esque visuals, the mind remains clear and composed.

Other Sources of Mescaline

Secondly, there are three pure forms of mescaline available — freebase mescaline, mescaline sulfate, and mescaline hydrochloride.

Mescaline was first synthesized in 1919 by Ernst Späth — a famous Austrian chemist who studied plant extracts. Of the 120 compounds Spath and his team discovered, mescaline was, by far, the most impactful.

In the 1960s and 70s, a man named Alexander Shulgin used mescaline as the starting point to make dozens of other psychoactive substances, including MDMA. He’s been dubbed “the grandfather of psychedelics” for his role in developing and documenting well over 200 psychoactive substances — many of which were derived from mescaline.

Shulgin published his work in two volumes — TIHKAL (tryptamine-based psychoactive based on psilocybin and LSD) and PIHKAL (phenethylamine-based psychoactive based on mescaline).

How to Take Mescaline Powder ?

There are two primary forms of mescaline; raw cactus and pure synthetic mescaline powder.

Raw cactus is preferred and tends to produce a smoother experience — however, you need to consume a lot of cactus to reach the psychoactive dose. Eating a lot of cacti can be tricky — it tastes horrible and can cause severe stomach discomfort.

The synthetic powder requires a much smaller dose and is easily mixed into juice or water to mask the taste. You can also take mescaline powder as a capsule (the most common method).

This is a more traditional method of using mescaline that’s rarely practiced today.

Dried peyote or San Pedro cactus are ground up and mixed with tobacco. This can then be smoked for a mild psychoactive effect.

Traditionally, tobacco is consider a useful “teacher” plant. It’s often combine with psychedelics during ceremonial use to help guide the user through their trip safely.

Unfortunately, a lot of the mescaline is destroy during the combustion process, so this is not an efficient way of using it.

How Does Mescaline Powder Work?

Thridly, mescaline binds to several different types of receptors in the human brain to produce its effects.

Most of the psychoactive effect comes from its ability to activate the 5-HT2A and 5-HT2C serotonin receptors — which is the same mechanism of action used by other psychedelics, including DMT, LSD, and psilocin.

Receptors affected by mescaline include:

Safety Of Mescaline Powder

Mescaline poses little risk to the body. While there are side effects, there have never been any report deaths cause by mescaline directly.

The LD50 of mescaline in humans is report to be approximately 880 mg/kg [5].

That’s an extremely high dose. The average-sized human (140 lbs) would need nearly 60,000 milligrams of mescaline. This is about 300 times the standard psychoactive dose.

A 12-year review of the California Poison Control Database only found 31 cases of mescaline poisoning from 1997 to 2008 [1]. Of these 31 cases, none were lethal or produced any life-threatening side effects. It’s even a bit debatable that some of them is even be consider “poisoning.”

For example, vomiting is only report in one patient. The most common side-effect was agitation and tachycardia (rapid heart rate).

Psychologically, there are some other risks to using mescaline. The potential to lead to ego death, and side effects like paranoia and anxiety could cause other mental health effects.

However, this is just in theory — several studies have already published that psychedelics, including mescaline, have a very low risk of causing mental health disorders even after a “bad trip” [2].

In fact, this study cited above found a lower incidence of mental health disorders in people who have used psychedelics.

Nevertheless, it’s important to follow the responsible use of psychedelics guidelines when using any psychoactive substances.

The intention you have going into the experience plays a major role in whether the substance will be helpful or harmful.

Side Effects of Mescaline Powder 

Can Mescaline Powder Be Addictive?

If you search “mescaline addiction,” — you’ll find a variety of rehab centers highlighting the addictive nature of psychoactive cacti — but there’s zero evidence to support this idea.

The fact is that, like most classical psychedelics (LSD, magic mushrooms, DMT), mescaline is not addictive. Surveys exploring the illicit use of peyote report the average “illicit” user of psychoactive cacti uses the drug an average of two times per lifetime [3] — which is a far cry from being a “drug of abuse.”

On the contrary, mescaline  shows to offer powerful anti-addictive properties [4]. It’s one of the best candidates currently being explore as a solution to the widespread drug addiction epidemic. It stands tall among such psychedelics as ayahuasca, psilocybin, and LSD as potential treatments for addiction.

When To Avoid Mescaline

Mescaline isn’t safe for everybody. If you or a close family member have been diagnose with psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia or psychosis, it may not be safe to use mescaline (or any psychedelics).

Mescaline is also not recommend for anybody with gut sensitivities — as the cactus already tends to irritate the digestive tract.

People using antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, blood pressure medications, heart medications, or statin drugs should also avoid mescaline.

Mescaline and the cacti that produce it are illegal in most parts of the world, with a few exceptions.

In CanadaGermany, and New Zealand, psychoactive cacti are all legal to own as an ornamental plants. Mescaline and prepared psychoactive cacti remain illegal.

In the United States, peyote and San Pedro are permitt for religious uses by Native Americans. Some parts of the US have recently moved to decriminalize natural psychedelics.

In the United KingdomUkraine, and Thailand, psychoactive cacti have been exclude from the ban substances list.

Frequently Asked Questions: About Mescaline

1. How Long Does Mescaline Stay In The Body?

Mescaline can be detect in urine for up to three days but may remain detectable in hair samples for up to 90 days. Further, blood tests can only detect mescaline within 24 hours of use and saliva for up to 10 days (but usually less than 3).

2. Can I Order Mescaline Powder Online?

It’s legal to order Mecaline (peyote, San Pedro, and Peruvian torch cacti ) as decorative plants in some countries — including the US, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, and New Zealand. visit www.psyttraxx.com

You can sometimes find these cacti in nurseries in the US — but they won’t be label San Pedro. You can identify them by the tiny spines along a few verticals and the pattern on the smooth columns.

These cacti grow relatively quickly (for a cactus). It can take several months for the seeds to sprout, but most growers propagate new plants from cuttings instead — which grow into large plants in just a few years.

Expect to pay upwards of $50 per plant. It will then take 2–5 years for them to grow large enough to harvest (> 4 feet). Usually, San Pedro will max out around 7 feet in height before being knock over under their weight. Cut and propagate some for new plants, and dry the rest.

3. Is Mescaline & Mezcal the Same Thing?

Mescaline is sometimes confuse with the alcoholic spirit, mezcal. The names of these two products are similar, but they couldn’t be more different.

Mezcal is a distill spirit make from the agave plant. It’s the same as tequila but can be make from any agave plant (tequila needs to be make from a specific type of agave call Agave tequilana or “blue agave”).

Mescaline is the active ingredient in psychoactive cacti (Lophophora williamsii) that have no relationship to the agave plant.

4. Why is Mescaline So Under-look as a Psychedelic?

Therefore, Mescaline is not common among the general public, but those who have used it often return to mescaline after trying other psychedelics.

Let’s consider the stereotypical mescaline user — the old rebellious hippie. And they’re usually pretty wise and have found some degree of success in both business and family life. They’re now enjoying their old age with plenty of travel and healthy social life.

They’ve done it all and have come full circle back to mescaline in their old age. Moreover mescaline experience can be very insightful, but the primary underpinning of this compound is that it’s “grounding.” It brings you to the present moment and shows you just how much fun it is to be alive.

5. Is Huachuma the Same As San Pedro?

Finally, Yes Huachuma is the local name for the San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi) in Peru and other regions of the Andes mountains where it grows naturally.


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