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Psychedelics, also referred to as hallucinogens, entheogens, or empathogens, are psychoactive substances that produce alterations in conscious experience. These can include changes in cognition, perception, feelings, and emotions.

The so-called “classic” —LSDpsilocybinmescaline, and DMTaffect the brain’s serotonin system, primarily by binding to the serotonin 2A (5HT-2A) receptor.

Other substances with known hallucinogenic properties—like cannabis, ketamine, MDMA, and others—have different targets in the brain but still produce some psychedelic effects.


Psychedelics is consider any plant or substance that produces alterations in states of consciousness.

The most obvious differences are visual or auditory hallucinations, but there are other factors at play as well. It can change our perspective of the world from the inside — leading to feelings of introspection and dissolution of the ego. Where to buy psychedelics

The word was first coined in 1956 by the British psychiatrist Humphry Osmond.

Psychedelic is derived from the Greek words — psyche (meaning soul or mind) and delien (meaning “to manifest”). Therefore, the word essentially means “mind-manifesting” or “soul manifesting”. There have been other terms put forward as an alternative, but nothing caught on like the word psychedelic. Buy psychedelics online canada

Some of the alternative suggestions for psychedelic:

  • Phanerothyme — put forward by Aldous Huxley, meaning “visible soul”.
  • Entheogen — a word that specifically refers to the use of psychoactive substances as a form of a sacrament
  • Psychotropic — any drug that changes a person’s mental state

How do Psychedelics Work?

There are a few different ways it  can alter our perception or thought patterns. Buy psychedelics online usa

Our brain is made up of roughly 100 billion neurons. Neurons transmit electrical and chemical signals between each other to send messages from one area of the brain to the other.

The collective transmission of information in the brain is what gives us conscious thought. Where to buy psychedelics in san francisco?

It work by changing the balance of neurochemicals. They alter the way information is transfer throughout the brain — causing hallucination, euphoria, and other cognitive changes. Where to buy psychedelics in seattle?

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Depending on what neurotransmitters affect will determine the individual effects of a it compound. Where to buy psychedelics in california?

We can separate how each works by its target receptors:
    1. 5-HT2A or 5-HT2C receptors — tryptamines (ex: DMT, psilocybin), lysergamides (ex: LSD), phenethylamines (ex: mescaline, 2C-B, DOM)
    2. Kappa-opioid receptors — salvinorin A, ibogaine
    3. Dopamine D2 receptors — amphetamines (ex: MVPV, MDMA)
    4. Cholinergic pathway — datura, borrachero, mandrake, Amanita muscaria

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