The Benefits of Mushrooms: How Psychedelics Can Enhance Your Life

Psychedelics are the types of psychedelic drugs which can cause hallucinations, euphoria, altered thinking and changed states of consciousness.

What are Mushrooms?

Before we get into mushrooms and their effects on humans, let’s first cover what exactly mushrooms are. Plants that are deemed mushrooms are part of a wider classification called fungi, which encompass things like yeasts and molds. Fungi often live in extreme environments where not many other plants can survive.

What makes them special?

It’s easy to turn to a grocery store mushroom and write it off as just another vegetable, but these fungi are actually closer in relation to humans than they are plants. We share around 95% of our genes with mushrooms, making them relatives of animals instead of plants—which means that when we consume some types, we’re actually doing more than ingesting simple nutrients.

Why should we eat them?

Mushrooms are much more than just a food. They contain unique bioactive compounds that deliver amazing health benefits to humans, far beyond those of other foods. If you’re curious about psychedelic mushrooms and how they can help enhance your life, keep reading for some tips on how to get started with them safely.

Is it Safe?

While psychedelics are generally considered safe, it’s important to remember that they remain illegal in most countries around the world. If you want to experiment with mushrooms, do so under supervision and research your dosage before taking them. Not only will you be responsible for your own safety, but also for that of those around you. If mushrooms cause paranoia or anxiety for you, don’t take them—psychedelic experiences can vary from person to person depending on individual biology and susceptibility to mental disorders.


There are many health benefits of mushrooms, which can have a positive impact on your lifestyle and human nature. Whether you want to reduce stress or increase creativity, mushrooms can help you reach your goals. Eating them is easy, so make sure to add more mushrooms to your diet!

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